As a supplier to Stanford Mu Corporation (SMC), you are required to comply and meet all PQR as listed on the PO received.  You shall notify SMC within 3 business days of receiving such PO for acceptance including your ability to meet the On Dock Date(s) (ODDs) specified in the PO.

Q1. Material Certification, Lot Traceability, Chemical/Physical Test Reports
Q1.1. The Supplier shall furnish material certifications traceable to the lot, batch, block number or heat lot (metals) supplied in accordance with any/all applicable specification(s), and/or callout on engineering drawing(s) (latest revision applies), and/or  on the PO. If one certification is issued for multiple items on a single PO, the lot quantity must also be indicated next to the batch.

Q1.2. The Supplier shall furnish material certifications listing any/all test results traceable to the lot, batch, block, or heat lot number in accordance with any/all applicable specifications, and /or callout on engineering drawing(s) (latest revision applies) and/or SMC PO.  All test data and certifications traceable to the materials supplied must be kept on file for a minimum of ten (10) years unless; otherwise, specified by the SMC PO.

Q1.3. NADCAP approval required for material testing.

Q2. First Article Inspection Report
The Supplier shall furnish a complete FAI report in accordance with AS9102 for one or more parts, listing actual inspection results for all drawing dimensions and applicable notes.  The part(s) used to perform the First Article shall be tagged as a form of identification.  FAI report acceptance by SMC shall not constitute final acceptance of the lot delivered nor relieve the Supplier of the obligation for possible non-conformance discovered during inspection of the lot.

Q3. Special Process Certifications
Q3.1. The Supplier shall furnish Certification of Conformances (CoC) for all special processes in accordance with any/all applicable specifications and/or callout on engineering drawing(s) as required by the PO.  Special process certifications for serialized parts and/or assemblies must reference the applicable serial number(s) for traceability.

Q3.2. NADCAP approval required for all special processes.

Q3.3. Subcontract process sources shall be an approved processor or shall use approved processors as required by D1-4426, “Approved Process Sources”. A list of the approved processors and associated processes are available from a SMC Procurement Agent or at

Q4. Dimensional Inspection Report
The Supplier shall furnish an inspection report for each lot of parts submitted, based on a sample inspection.  All sample plans must meet the requirements of ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (formerly MIL-STD-105).

Q5. Secondary Operation Inspection
The Supplier shall furnish a receiving inspection report upon receiving of the parts and any/all CofC for all secondary operations performed on parts supplied by SMC (metal forming, machining, welding, etc.). All sampling inspection must be done in accordance with ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (formerly MIL-STD-105).

Q6. Packaging and Protection of Deliverable Materials
All items delivered on this order must be adequately preserved, packaged, and contained to prevent deterioration and damage during shipment. The use of newsprint for packaging is prohibited.

Q7. Inspection by the Buyer (Right of Entry)
All work performed shall be subject to inspection/surveillance by SMC and/or its Customer Representatives at all times, to the applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the PO and all applicable records.

Q8. Government Source Inspection (DCMA).
Q8.1. The Government reserves the right of surveillance for any or all of the requirements of this PO.

Q8.2. Government inspection is required prior to shipment from your plant. Upon receipt of this PO, promptly notify the Government Representative who is designated to serve your plant so that appropriate planning for Government inspection can be accomplished.

Q8.3. Upon receipt of this PO, promptly furnish a copy of this PO to the Government Representative who is delegated to service your plant, or if none, send to the nearest Army, Navy, Air force, or Defense Logistics Agency Inspection Office. In the event the representative or office cannot be located, the SMC Purchasing Agent must be notified immediately.

Q8.4. The Government has imposed mandatory inspection requirements on this PO and a letter of delegation will be sent to the Government Representative who is delegated to service your plant.

Q8.5. The Supplier shall report to the Government Representative any nonconformance found on Government source-inspected supplies and shall require his supplier to coordinate with his Government Representative on corrective action.

Q9. Supply Notification of Nonconformance (SNN)
In the event, the parts produced by the supplier contains non-conformance(s) and the supplier’s quality believes upon its inspection the parts may be used-as-is, Supplier shall notify SMC immediately of such nonconformance via a SNN prior to the shipment. SMC will review the SNN and provide the Supplier with its disposition decision.

Q10. Quality System Requirements
Q10.1. The Supplier must be able to maintain a Quality System that meets or exceeds ISO 9001-2008.

Q10.2. The Supplier must be able to maintain a Quality System that meets or exceeds AS9100 (The latest revision).

Q10.3. The Supplier will ensure that all work accomplished under this order is completed in accordance with all applicable codes of the supplier’s and/or manufacturer’s city, county,, state, and federal regulatory agencies. This includes current governmental and safety constraints on restricted, toxic and hazardous materials, as well as environmental, electrical and electromagnetic considerations.

Q10.4. The Supplier must be able to maintain an inspection system acceptable to SMC and also must also maintain a Calibration System which meets the requirements of ANSI Z540-1 (formerly MIL-STD-45662) or ISO 10012-1.

Q10.5. The Supplier shall maintain a Foreign Object Damage (FOD) Control Prevention Procedure according to AS9146 (The latest revision)

Q10.6. The Supplier must comply with the requirements of Boeing PA9001-LH09.

Q10.7. The Supplier is required to maintain a quality system in conformance with SMC document D6-82479, “Boeing Quality Management System Requirements for Suppliers”.

Q11. Notification of Change
The Supplier must notify SMC of any change, this includes, but are not limited to, process, sub-tier supplier, facility relocation, and management that it plans to implement. Process changes may need to be approved by SMC.

Q12. Certification of Conformance
The Supplier shall provide a Certificate of Conformance (CoC) document that certifies all materials supplied and processes performed are in accordance with the SMC requirements. The CoC shall be signed and dated by the Supplier’s authorized representative and must also list the SMC part number as written on the original PO.

Q13. Traceability of Materials
All parts and raw materials furnished by SMC shall maintain the “as furnished” identification. Do not substitute materials without written authorization from the SMC Purchasing Agent. All documents for Vendor supplied parts and materials shall be traceable to their origin i.e. heat lot numbers (metals), lot/batch numbers and/or serial numbers. All test data, inspection records, and material certification shall be maintained for a minimum of ten (10) years unless otherwise specified by the SMC Purchase Order.

Q14. Shelf Life Information
The Supplier shall provide certifications for age sensitive materials, i.e. epoxies, paints, adhesives, etc., which reflect date of manufacture, date of test, shelf life, and expiration date as it applies to each lot/batch. Container label(s) must also reflect applicable lot/batch number(s), storage temperature and expiration date. Do not ship materials having less than 80% shelf life remaining without the written approval by the SMC Purchasing Agent.

Q15. Part Identification Requirements
The Supplier shall identify all parts with the appropriate part numbers and revision levels as noted on the part drawings and in accordance with MIL-STD-130 (latest revision applies). Parts and/or materials that are not suitable for marking due to size and/or configuration may be identified using the bag and tag methods outlined in MIL-STD-130.

Q16. Source Inspection
This order requires SMC Source Inspection prior to shipment. A 72 hours advanced notification is required for a SMC quality representative to be on-site at your facility for such inspection. SMC Source Inspection does not preclude subsequent inspection nor does it relieve the supplier of the responsibility of providing acceptable product.

Q17. Approved Suppliers List (ASL)
Supplier and its sub-tier(s) used to manufacturing parts on this PO must be listed on the SMC and/or Government and/or SMC Customer ASL. Only those manufacturers listed on the ASL may be used as the source of supply and the material certifications must reflect the sources used. All material testing must also be performed and certified by the service provider(s) listed on the ASL.

Q18. Tooling Inspection Requirements
The Supplier shall provide an inspection report for all tooling and fixtures used to manufacturing critical dimensions in accordance with this PO and/or the Statement of Work (SOW) provided. When required by the PO and/or SOW, the supplier must provide a copy of either a CMM report and/or Theodolite Data for critical tool and/or fixture features. Approval of tooling and/or fixture may be required when specified on the PO and/or the SOW.

Q19. Measuring and Test Equipment
Supplier’s inspection and test equipment shall be maintained and calibrated in accordance with ANSI Z540-1 (formerly MIL-STD-45662) and AS9100D 8.4 and/or ISO 10012-1.

Q20. Supplier Liability
The Supplier shall be liable for up to 3 times the amount of PO price when rejections or scrap occurs due to the supplier’s inaccuracies or negligence. The same charge also applies if the parts are lost or misplaced by the supplier.

Q21. Counterfeit Product
Implement and enforce a written Counterfeit Parts Prevention and Control Plan in accordance with AS9100D 8.1.4 designed to preclude, detect, and remove any counterfeit components from all deliveries to SMC. As an integral part of the plan, the supplier shall maintain a database to collect data from any/all counterfeit components received and applicable sources.